For most people, a dental treatment can now be performed with all modern aids. In addition, there is also a group of people, who have so much fear of treatment that they prefer to postpone a necessary treatment or do not come at all. One waits for violent pain to occur so that in the end they are more or less “forced” to make an appointment.

A good information is therefore my priority. During the first appointment (the so-called intake interview), I will also discuss your wishes and questions extensively.

The introductory meeting takes about half an hour. The first appointment consists only of a conversation, looking and possibly taking pictures. I dedicate much more time to you than usual, so that you can ask me all your questions. After this research we discuss what needs to be done and we discuss how best to do this, taking into account your wishes.

Needless to say, hygiene is the highest priority in my practice: all the instruments used are washed in a washing machine (thermodisinfector) and sterilized in a so-called autoclave (‘steamed’ under high pressure, as is done in hospitals). That guarantees 100% protection. Needles and all surgical tools are delivered in sterilized standard packaging, and never reused.
I wear surgical gloves during each treatment that are replaced as standard after each patient.