The bill

The dentist’s bill is made up of the different performances that took place during a treatment. Each performance is described in the account with a code. Each rate is linked to a rate that can vary per dental practice.

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You receive the note from Famed!

Why do I receive a note from Famed?

We like to focus exclusively on customized oral care. We prefer to ensure that we spend a lot of time on the financial administration. That is why we have transferred the processing of the invoices to Famed ( .

What does this mean to you?

You receive a note from Famed and see at a glance how the bill is structured.
If your health insurer reimburses a part, this is clearly stated on the bill. How much this is depends on the policy conditions of your health insurance. You pay the remaining amount to Famed. Is there no mention on your bill? Then you pay the entire amount to Famed. Then you check whether you can declare the bill to your health insurer.
Do you have a question about the amount of the reimbursement or the right to compensation? Then contact your health care provider.

Payment of your bill

You can pay Famed’s bill in various ways, for example with iDEAL or via a (digital) bank transfer. View all payment options on .
Famed has a standard payment term of 30 days. Do you need a little more time to pay the bill? Go to or mail / call the Famed Contact Center.

Arrange everything online quickly and easily

On you can arrange many things around the bill yourself. This way you can view the bill, check the status of your bill and make an address change. Note from Famed gives you an overview of your notes and convenience with your payments.

Do you have questions about your received invoice?

For questions about your bill, please visit the website. You can also contact the Contact Center of Famed.

The Contact Center of Famed is available on workdays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.


For proper administration and invoicing we share your data with Famed. Famed, like us, is very careful with this. Famed is ISO 9001 and NEN 7510 certified. More information about the privacy policy of Famed can be found at .